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Summer Story

INGENIOUS Summer Travel Story 

INGENIOUS capsules are the perfect summer holiday companion, offering travel-friendly convenience, robust UV protection, and additional hydration, ensuring skin health wherever you go. 

They seamlessly fit into your travel essentials – whether it’s your bag or pill organiser, offering unmatched convenience. Compact and space-efficient, they outperform bulky containers of collagen powder or liquid sachets, ensuring effortless packing and hassle-free travel. 

Pre-measured and securely packaged, INGENIOUS capsules are ready to use anywhere, eliminating the need for mixing or careful measuring typical with liquid and powder alternatives. They ensure worry-free travel by preventing potential liquid spills in your luggage and seamlessly fit into hand luggage – forget liquid restrictions and breeze through airport security checkpoints with TSA-friendly ease! 

Each capsule delivers a precise amount of collagen, ensuring consistent intake whether adjusting to different time zones or irregular schedules, supporting your skincare and health regimen reliably. 

While travelling, SPF is crucial for skin protection, however INGENIOUS capsules go beyond surface protection by fortifying your skin with Astaxanthin, a powerhouse antioxidant. This potent ingredient, 6,000 times stronger than Vitamin C, shields skin from harmful UV rays and neutralises free radicals that accelerate ageing. Enjoy deep protection against sun damage with consistent use wherever your travels take you. 

During summer holidays, maintaining skin hydration is crucial to counteract dryness triggered by sun exposure, high temperatures, and activities such as swimming. INGENIOUS capsules contain Hyaluronic Acid, a powerful moisture-binding ingredient that attracts and retains water, ensuring optimal hydration in hot and dry conditions. It strengthens the skin’s barrier, providing lightweight hydration and promoting a plump, smooth complexion that remains resilient against environmental stressors such as sun exposure and air conditioning. 

Experience the ease of travel with INGENIOUS capsules, offering a compact design and incredible skincare benefits to enhance your journey effortlessly. 

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