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Collagen and Men’s Health: More Than Just a Beauty Supplement

We’re in the midst of a collagen boom. Your sister and your mum are swearing by the stuff, so is collagen good for men to be taking too? 

The truth is, collagen peptides don’t discriminate – all the same benefits are available, not only for skin and hair care but also for building muscle mass, aiding recovery and maintaining joint health. Collagen is just as important for men over the age of 25 as it is for women.  

How much collagen do men need? 

Whilst some collagen brands tout high amounts of peptides, INGENIOUS research shows that it’s actually about quality over quantity. A daily dose of 4 x INGENIOUS Active capsules contains the optimal amount of collagen, around 627mg. This is combined with a powerhouse of ingredients including Vitamins C, E and Zinc as well as Astaxanthin (natural antioxidant), Hyaluronic Acid and ActiGin for muscle recovery and endurance. 

Does collagen increase testosterone? 

Collagen does play a role in testosterone production. It provides structural support for cells involved in the synthesis of testosterone from cholesterol, so it is important for the overall process. However, there isn’t much evidence to suggest that collagen can directly boost your testosterone. You’re better off eating a diet rich in protein and incorporating resistance training into your workouts to support testosterone levels. This is where INGENIOUS Active comes in; it supports your training by increasing endurance and boosting energy, whilst decreasing muscle damage and reducing inflammation post-exercise. 

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