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The Clinicals

The results of the UK’s first independent trial on a collagen supplement – ours. A gold standard clinical trial, this is the same kind of testing as any new drug or vaccine


We were already proud of our breakthrough discovery patented capsule, the awards it had won and our cult following. Now, we are also proud of the clinical trials we put it through.

At the end of 2019, in a landmark independent trial carried out by Cutest on 116 women, Ingenious Beauty was put to the most rigorous scientific test. The same as any new drug or vaccine, this was gold-standard, double-blind and placebo-controlled testing.

After 12 weeks of clinical measurements the results finally proved what we already knew. Ingenious Beauty users would report a marked improvement to skin elasticity, hydration, lines and wrinkles. Here we’ll let the numbers do the talking;

Ingenious Beauty Results

98% of the group experienced a significant improvement to the quality of their skin in at least one of the clinical measurements.

Wrinkles Results

experienced a reduction in
fine lines and wrinkles
of up to 85%.

Appearance Results
experienced improved
facial appearance
based on clinical images
Hydration Results
experienced increased
skin hydration
of up to 79%
Elasticity Results
experienced improved
skin elasticity
of up to 83%


Sometimes images speak louder than words, so we wanted to share the photographs taken from the Ingenious Beauty clinical trial. To be clear, these are blinded photographic comparisons of the full face taken both before and 12 weeks after taking Ingenious Beauty.

These randomised before and after images were used to measure the results of the clinical trial, which deduced that almost three quarters of women taking Ingenious Beauty showed a significant improvement to the quality of their skin in just 12 weeks. The changes reported in the Ingenious Beauty group were particularly marked when compared with the placebo control group.

(To note, prior to skin analysis, subjects’ skin was cleansed of makeup and the volunteers were placed in a room with clinically controlled temperature, humidity and lighting for 30 minutes to ensure consistent and accurate results. Photographs were taken using Canfield Visia II under controlled conditions 12 weeks apart and analysed for facial features of ageing using the image analysis software. Images have not been filtered or altered.)


Subject 1 Before and After


Subject 2 Before and After


Subject 3 Before and After


Subject 4 Before and After


Subject 5 Before and After Ingenious Collagen


Subject 6 Before and After Ingenious Collagen

Backed By Science

As scientists we believe our products should be put through rigorous clinical testing before we put it in your hands. Unlike most beauty companies that rely on consumer opinion, we have independent, clinical, scientific fact on our side


Professor of Pharmaceutical Innovation at King's College London


“As scientists and pharmacists we know that an independent, double blind, placebo controlled randomised trial is the best and most reliable form of research.  The results I have seen in the Ingenious Beauty trials were remarkable and prove that Ingenious Beauty really works.”

The Trial & Truth

Smart customers want proof that a product works.  You will find just that by  downloading our Ingenious clinical trial presentation results here:


No other Collagen supplement on the market guarantees revolutionary levels of absorption from a targeted quantity of the finest marine collagen peptide, sourced for its anti-ageing properties.

Despite what many others claim, all other collagen supplements are degraded by the digestive action of the stomach before the collagen peptide is absorbed.  With this trial, Ingenious Beauty has been through the same level of scrutiny that any drug or vaccine would undergo in a Phase 1 clinical trial, and the results prove that our unique method of collagen delivery is effective. 

Journalist Andrea Catherwood talks to award-winning pharmacist, Pupinder Ghatora, one of the founders of Ingenious to gain an insight into how Ingenious Beauty works. 


Who Tested Ingenious?

We chose Cutest because it is the UK’s leading dermatological testing organisation. Ingenious Beauty was put through a double blind, placebo controlled randomised trial hailed as the ‘Gold Standard’