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Discover the Ingenious collagen collection

Ingenious Beauty

Combining marine collagen, hyaluronic acid and astaxanthin, INGENIOUS Beauty is clinically proven to improve the condition of your skin

Ingenious Active

The same award winning formula as Beauty, but with added plant extracts to further support an active body and lifestyle

Ingenious Vegan

Combining hyaluronic acid, astaxanthin and a patented plant-based collagen substitute, INGENIOUS Vegan rejuvenates your skin

Patented Science
For Proven Wellness

Our unique patented capsule protects collagen from stomach degradation and ensures you reap the full benefits; glowing skin, better hair, stronger nails. That’s INGENIOUS.

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Clinical Trials, Not Claims.
Clinical Photos, Not Filters.

In a landmark independent trial, 98% of women experienced a significant improvement to the quality of their skin in at least one clinical measurement.

INGENIOUS Clinical Trial

Clean and Pure
The Ingenious Promise

Our supplements are as pure as they are potent. Containing only the finest, most sustainably sourced ingredients, and nothing else.

Our hero Ingredients

Marine Collagen

The finest collagen from the skins of sustainably caught free-swimming fish – ‘protected’ in our patented capsule making it 15 x more effective.

Hyaluronic Acid

A powerful, moisture binding substance, Hyaluronic Acid Complex replenishes skin hydration and elasticity alongside reducing wrinkle depth.



6,000 times more powerful than vitamin C, helps to protect the skin from UV damage, boosts the immune system and assists muscle repair.



A brand-new patented formula, AstrionTM increases collagen synthesis in your body with a 100% vegan formula.

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